“Clean your space AND make it smell like a vacation at the same time? COUNT US IN. Honestly, I’d wear it as a perfume… “

L.M. / MindBodyGreen 

“When I discovered Saint Olio’s deodorizing and divinely scented one-hundred percent natural Aromatic Cleaners, I knew I had a winner.”

Jennie Kayne / designer

“DEAR GOD, it’s heaven bottled up. My place is beyond spotless!!”

J.P. / Seattle

“I am obsessed with this cleaner!!! The Japanese have this thing called Shinrin Yoku, which means forest bathing. You walk through a forest and the aromatics heal you. I feel like the cleaner in shinrin yoku in a bottle!!”

N.L / S.F.

“Oh my goodness, I am loving this new-to-me brand. Wiping down the countertops at the end of the day is totally my moment of zen.”


“Smells like a high-end candle. The first time I used it at home, Leslie even asked, "What candle are you burning?" I especially love that it's made from essential oils and natural ingredients, so it's completely non-toxic but effective. The beautiful bottle doesn't hurt, either."

Cupcakes and Cashmere