When Saint Olio started, it was with the intent of creating a really, really lovely smelling product that was really, really safe for the user, their home and the environment. It will always be our mission to keep doing this. Chemicals found in traditional cleaning products are completely unregulated and often known carcinogens. A study of 6000 people has shown that the regular use of cleaning sprays declines long term lung function in women similar to that of a chronic smoker. These chemicals wreak HAVOC on the airways. Read link below for full article :




Sherri Kaven
Saint Olio now available at REFORMATION

Reformation designs and manufactures the majority of limited-edition collections in their factory headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. All other garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners here in the U.S. or abroad using sustainable methods and materials. They source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments while incorporating better practices throughout their supply chain to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. It is their mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.

Stores now in NYC, L.A., SF., Culver City and Dallas -- or online at https://www.thereformation.com/clothes

Sherri Kaven
featured in Real Simple Magazine!

We are so happy to have our Aromatic Cleaners included in the September issue of Real Simple's Little Helpers section - products that make your life easier ( and smell better!! )

Sherri Kaven
In the country & the city : Northerngrade

Founded in 2010, Northern Grade highlights and supports the American artisan. We are so excited that Saint Olio is now available at both locations - the best of both worlds - NYC & rural Hudson Valley

After 35 marketplaces in cities such as Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Austin and Moscow, we have opened a shop at the Seaport in Manhattan. If you are around, come visit us at 117 Beekman Street. " The Black Barn's location is 4-8 Bruceville Road High Falls, NY

Cupcakes and Cashmere

"I discovered this product in the least-likely of places—in a store packed to the brim with people. What should have smelled like a medley of unappealing scents (on that day, it was about 100 degrees in there), instead smelled like a flower shop filled with geraniums and roses. I felt so compelled by the scent that, after looking around for the candle or diffuser that I assumed was responsible for it, I asked a sales person for the source. I couldn't believe it when she said it was the cleaning products they used. Unlike most products, it didn't have any undertones of bleach, chemicals, fake lemon, or alcohol that I normally associate with even natural countertop cleaners, but instead smelled like a high-end candle. The first time I used it at home, Leslie even asked, "What candle are you burning?" I especially love that it's made from essential oils and natural ingredients, so it's completely non-toxic but effective. The beautiful bottle doesn't hurt, either."

Sherri Kaven
A Conscious Gift Guide
free-and-native-gifts 2.jpg

Field Trip, a gorgeous lifestyle shop and workshop space that recently opened in SE Portland, just featured Saint Olio in A Conscious Gift Guide on Free + Native's blog. This holiday guide is not to miss! 

Here's what Field Trip's owner Kara Green said about our Sitka Aromatic Cleaner:

St Olio Cleaning Spray No.3 | This essential oil based cleaner has been my go-to for all surfaces around my house. The juniper woodsy scent makes your home smell like a spa! The glass bottle is reusable and every batch is handmade by a local Portland friend who uses only the purest oils. You won't want to go back to old cleaners after using this. 

Thanks Kara!



Lori LaBissoniere
Blush Beauty Bar

Portland's Blush Beauty Bar is a cosmetics store specializing in high-end and hard-to-find makeup, waxing services, threading & facials.  Not your typical relaxation spa, owner Deborah Haynes opened Blush Beauty Bar in 2004 as a rebellion against the typical salon vibe.  Here, the walls are painted hot pink and upbeat tunes fill the space with active energy.  Saint Olio adds a touch of luxury to the party, freshening up the already smokin' shelves with some natural beauty flair.

Lori LaBissoniere
White's Mercantile

White’s Mercantile is a completely curated shop stocked with singer/songwriter Holly William's favorite items that she’s found on the highway playing music. She describes White’s as a “general store for the modern-day tastemaker.” Daughter of country legend Hank Williams Jr., Holly’s style embodies a modern-day chic simplicity fitted for shoppers around the globe. Much to our delight, she is now stocking her shelves with Saint Olio Aromatics.  

Lori LaBissoniere
Maison 10
maison10 copy.jpg

MAISON 10 is a unique online and retail store concept that features 10 highly desirable items across 10 different categories for a period of 10 weeks, with a total of only 100 items available online and in-store. Adding to the #10 concept, 10% from the sale of each product is donated to 1 of 10 non profit charities selected by the purchaser.  Saint Olio products will be amongst the first 100 items found at Maison 10's new brick and mortar location in NYC. 

Shop Saint Olio at MAISON 10 online - coming soon at www.maison10.com.

Lori LaBissoniere
Little Barn Apothecary

Saint Olio products will now be sold at Little Barn Apothecary, a modern apothecary that opens doors in Atlanta, Georgia on August 12th, carrying goods crafted from organic and wild harvested ingredients.  We are excited to have Saint Olio in Atlanta and wish Little Barn well in the grand opening of their brick and mortar!   

Lori LaBissoniere
Of A Kind

Before she founded her essential-oil-based line of all-purpose cleaners, Saint Olio, Sherri Kaven thought what she was using to wipe down her counters was environmentally friendly. “I started actually looking up the ingredients in this supposedly more natural spray, and it had all the same stuff I was trying to avoid,” Sherri says. Ok, so what exactly does she try to steer clear of? Read on, read on, at Of A Kind.



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Apartment Therapy

APARTMENT THERAPY FEATURES SAINT OLIO FOUNDER SHERRI KAVEN & FAMILY IN HOUSE TOUR OF THEIR TRAVEL-INSPIRED TUDOR. Sherri and Daniel both make beautiful things for a living, and their home is no exception. Though each brings their own aesthetic to the partnership, their family home feels cohesive, stylish and comfortable. The original features of their 1929 Tudor, layered with Sherri's natural elements, Daniel's affinity for modern, and their collective love of travel all live well together.  

Read full article here.  

Image credits: Heather Keeling

Lori LaBissoniere
Portland Business Journal

PORTLAND BUSINESS JOURNAL'S SPECIAL REPORT. This Friday, Saint Olio will be featured in the Portland Business Journal (pg 20) in an article that discusses the economic impact of small businesses.  Describing Saint Olio as a "quintessential Portland business," the article examines Saint Olio's retail expansion, using it as a model for start-up businesses, and explaining the growth potential that small businesses currently have in our modern economic climate. 

Click here to read the full article.  

Lori LaBissoniere
Magpie & Rye

Magpie & Rye in Salt Lake City has just added Saint Olio products to their beautifully curated selection of accessories for home and body. Gravitating towards raw materials and natural designs, they take pride in representing North American designers who, like Saint Olio, make things by hand.

Visit Magpie & Rye here to view their wonderful collection of hand-crafted goods.  



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Clean Living Guide

Saint Olio's aroma-therapeutic line of home cleaning and refreshing body sprays are the perfect way to infuse your home and accent your body with the essence of spring. Read on for the details on how the founder started her natural product line and her inspiration for creating these heavenly scents..  

Click here to view the post, written by Patryce Bak.

Lori LaBissoniere

This week, Saint Olio will be a featured vendor at COUER, a highly curated home and lifestyle show in the heart of LA's Fashion District.  If you are a retailer in the greater Los Angeles area, you are invited to stop by to say hello and experience the pleasure of Saint Olio Aromatics first-hand.  

The show takes place at the California Market Center Monday March 14th through Wednesday March 16th. For more info, e-mail info@saintolio.com.

Lori LaBissoniere
Standard Highline


Saint Olio is honored to bring the pleasure of Saint Olio clean to The Standard, Highline, an iconic modern hotel located in NYC's beautiful Highline Park.  The hotel’s public spaces and each of the 338 rooms will now be cleaned and fragranced with Saint Olio’s Nº2, a subtle and elegant aroma of earthy florals and soothing orange blossom. 

“The Standard is one of the most well-known and immediately recognizable modern hotels in New York,” says Saint Olio's founder, Sherri Kaven. “We couldn’t be more excited to associate our brand of boutique aromatic products with such a high-profile, stylish property.”   

Lori LaBissoniere
China Forbes Top 5

China Forbes, the lead singer of the band Pink Martini and proud Portland inhabitant, put together a smokin' Top 5 List on I Want to Be Her!'s blog, in which she proudly boasts her love of Saint Olio products. Thanks for the nice compliments China!

Visit I Want to Be Her! to check out her full Top 5 List.   

Lori LaBissoniere